We are always watching and we get notified regularly.

All sites that sign up for monthly maintenance get the list set of features.

Features are the following:

Malware & Virus Scans

No two scans are the same. That is why we run multiple scans from multiple sources to ensure your site is bug free. 

Advanced Backups

Sometimes daily backups aren't enough. We can provide hourly backups at your request.

Performance Scans

How does your site operate on mobile, desktop? What a search engine think of your site?

Domain Scans & IP Lookup

Is you site on shared server? How many redirects does your domain go through?

Site Health Review

What is the state of your sites theme? Are you running the latest PHP version?

Core & Plugin Updates

Updating core and plugins are essential to a safe WordPress instance. As you know updating comes with its complexity. 

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

We monitor your site to check and see if something went wrong or has it gone down.

Domain & SSL Monitoring

We keep an eye on your domain and SSL certificate expirations.

Accessibility Testing

A quick snapshot of your web content to ensure it is accessible to others with disabilites. 

Select one of these packages:

Wordpress Core Updates

WordPress requires regular and frequent updates to maintain a safe website.

Wordpress Plugin Updates
Like WordPress core, plugin updates are critical to a safe and well functioning site.
Performance Scan
Security Scan
Monthly Report
Daily or Hourly Backups
24/7 Uptime Monitoring
Domain Monitoring
SSL Cert Monitoring
Link Checker
Accessibility Testing
Cookie Compliance (GDPR, CCPA, etc)
Professional Recommendations

Tech stacks are sometimes over-looked
but shouldn't be forgotten.

We will spare you the tech jargon but realize we can polyglot if we need to.
These are some of the more popular brands in the WP ecosystem that we work with. 

and many more.

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